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Sustainable Luxury: The brands to know

Sustainable Luxury: The brands to know

In the glamorous world of fashion, there's a widely-held belief that higher price tags bring not just superior quality, but also a sense of responsibility in manufacturing, and a tighter grip on the social and environmental impacts of the industry. This notion hinges on the idea that luxury brands, basking in their transparency, naturally lean towards more responsible practices, fueled by the power of public disclosure. However, here's the rub: the luxury sector has a bit of a reputation for its veil of secrecy.

Enter the Fashion Transparency Index, the ultimate arbiter of fashion prowess, evaluating 250 of the globe's top fashion houses based on governance, supply chain transparency, and policies. In its latest stunning report, only one luxury brand snagged a spot among the top scorers. Clearly, responsibility doesn't always come with the hefty price tag.

As the dazzling landscape of luxury experiences a seismic shift, the dance between opulence and responsibility has never been more spellbinding. The hunger for luxury fashion is reaching stratospheric heights, urging the industry to align with society and Mother Earth herself.

With Millennials and Gen Z poised to take the throne, commanding 70% of the luxury realm by 2025, sustainability is stealing the limelight. These younger generations are falling head over heels for brands that embrace ecological, social, and economic sustainability, even if it means a slight uptick of up to 10% in prices.

Luxury brands now find themselves at a pivotal crossroads, compelled to champion causes close to the hearts of their eco-conscious devotees. Sustainability in luxury is an intricate pas de deux, balancing the allure of opulent experiences with a resolute commitment to preserving our planet for generations of luxe enthusiasts to come. As the eternal quest for authenticity and meaning unfolds, sustainability isn't just a trend—it's woven deep into the very fabric of the luxurious narrative.

These are the sustainable luxury brands you need on your agenda:


Star Cut-Out Low-Rise jeans, £1,590 Frayme Veuve Clicquot Bag, £1,395 Falabella Crystal Loafers, £1,225

Of course we cannot talk about sustainable luxury without starting with Stella McCartney, one of the trail blazers in sustainable luxury. What is perhaps most refreshing about Stella McCartney is not their commitment to transparency but rather the dedication to innovation. Whether it’s “leather” made from apples, trainers made from mushrooms or biodegradable sequins the brand is investing in creating really exciting ways of producing sustainable luxury, and they are pushing the whole industry along with them. Here are some of our top picks this season.



It’s a name that runs under the radar. B-Corp certified PROTA FIORI brings you luxury shoes handcrafted by multi-generational shoemakers in Marche, Italy’s oldest shoe making district. They manage their environmental impact through care fabric selection. They use a variety of upcycled materials and plant-based leathers made, discover their latest apple leather range below.


Cotton Fluff Crew Neck Top, £169.27 Organic Cotton Vest, £226.46 Waste No More Denim Bag, £158 Washed Organic Cotton Shirt, £148

Gabriella Hearst is also a brand showing commitment through targets. Gabriela Hearst focus on managing their environmental impact through considered material use. In 2020 they set a target to reduce the use of non-virgin materials by 50% and by 2022 they increased the goal to removing virgin materials entirely. When it comes to fabric they are imaginative in their runway shows and use remnants of Turkish rugs, recycled cashmere and offcuts.



Eileen Fisher focuses mainly on the environmental impact of their production and has ambitiously set itself a science-based target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated from its own operations and supply chain, which it is on track to achieve. It takes a considered approach to circularity through recycling old clothing into new products as well as limiting the use of water in production.

"Buy less. Choose well. Make it last."

Vivienne Westwood

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