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Size: XS
Color: Moon Bear

A partnership between gngr bees and the Born Free Foundation, these t-shirts support 3 different wild animals and a variety of conservation projects. 

- 100% of profits are donated 

- Made from rescued fishing nets

- Breathable textile 

- Sweat Wicking

- Designed to flow on the body 

- Longer in length (below hips)

Animals you can support:


The problem: Pangolins are the most trafficked animal in the planet and more than 1 million have been poached for the illicit trade in their meat and scales making their population critically endangered.

What the sale of this t-shirt supports: lobbying governments to prioritise tackling this deadly trade, rehabilitation of orphaned and injured pangolins in the wild and field conservation. 

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🌿Ethiopian Wolves

The problem: Ethiopian wolves are threatened by loss of habitat due to high altitude subsistence agriculture and overgrazing by domestic livestock. But most immediately by lethal diseases carried by domestic dogs such as rabies and canine distemper.

What the sale of this t-shirt supports: Field conservation, monitoring and management of Ethiopian wolves, and disease prevention and control through vaccination campaigns.

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🌿Moon Bears

The problem:  Several moon bear populations face the risk of extinction due to loss of habitat through deforestation.

They are also affected by human exploitation in bear farms. Bear bile is a traditional ingredient in Asian medicine and is extracted from living moon bears. Caught from the wild with vicious traps, the bears are kept in cramped cages – their teeth and claws removed – and a metal catheter inserted into their gall bladders. It is estimated there are more than 10,000 moon bears held in farms in horrific conditions in China and Vietnam.

What the sale of this t-shirt supports: The end of the cruel practice of bear farming and the rescuing of hundreds of bears in China.

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Did you know?

All of the women that photograph for us are part of our community from Instagram and we have a photoshop free policy at GNGR Bees. We aim to be inclusive, diverse and will always bring in women who are passionate about what we do to represent the clothing they love! Connect with us via Instagram @gngrbees to be part of our community and look out for our campaign call outs!


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Size: XS
Color: Moon Bear