Level up your swim game with these sustainable swimmers

Level up your swim game with these sustainable swimmers

We’ve all been there. Those £4 bikinis that start going bobbly on day 2 of the holiday. Day 3: it doesn’t quite sit how it did on first wear. Day 4: the elastic begins to fray. Day 5: you’ve had a poolside bikini malfunction, you’re now at the local supermarket using google translate to find anything that will last you until the end of your trip. It’s probably a tankini. You board the plane home, enough is enough; you make a vow to yourself to invest in quality and long-lasting swimwear next year to break out of the vicious cycle.

Next year is here, in two weeks time you’re off catching those rays. You remember that vow you made to yourself 365 days ago. You add the below to your basket. 

Toco Swim

Sister duo Charlotte and Olivia launched  Toco Swim after struggling to find swimwear that wasn’t ill-fitting, expensive or being flown in from abroad.

They founded the brand in 2017 alongside their full time jobs as accountants, launching a capsule collection with designs that drew inspiration from their Trinidadian heritage. In their words, Toco Swim is ‘Swimwear designed to stand out in and to make women feel confident, empowered, comfortable and sexy.’

Away That Day

The bikini you book a holiday for…

Why do we like Away That Day so much? Well we’ve all had those bikinis that start to fall apart after a few holidays, the question is what do you then do with it? Through the ‘Recycle Your Swim’ initiative at Away That Day you can send them your worn down or broken swimwear from any brand (yep, any brand), which would have otherwise been thrown out and taken to landfill. In collaboration with their London factory, they send your old swimwear to their trusted recycling parter, where it will then be recycled into industrial materials such as eco-carpet underlay and other industrial & textile products.

Now that is circular fashion.

Away That Day Bikini

SoSo Swim

Not only are these sustainable swimmers super stylish but SoSo Swim also give to different marine projects with every purchase. By investing in a piece from SoSo Swim you are supporting healthier seas, a climate positive production, ethical pay and working conditions, and an independent female run small business.

Soso Swim use ECONYL® yarn which is recycled from waste fishing nets, rescued from the ocean by volunteer divers. ECONYL is twice as resistant to chlorine, suntan creams and oils so your swimmie will last you through every summer. 

"Buy less. Choose well. Make it last."

Vivienne Westwood