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The Underwear Edit: 3 sustainable brands to know

It's easy to forget the most reworn part of our wardrobes - our intimates!

Sustainable underwear brands are embracing materials that prioritise the planet without compromising on comfort or style. Organic cotton, bamboo, Tencel, and recycled fabrics are becoming the stars of the show, offering not only a breathable and soft embrace but a guilt-free one too.

Ready to explore more sustainable options? Here are the names worth adding to your lingerie lexicon. Each brand brings its unique approach to sustainability, offering a diverse array of choices for those who seek comfort, style, and a positive impact on the planet. 

The luxury underwear: Chosenwoven

Chosenwoven was born out of the shocking reality that most intimates, even sustainable ones, are plastic-based. Chosenwoven brings you zero-waste, zero-plastic intimates that feel like silk, cherish your health, move with your body, and work with the planet, not against it. Their merino wool products are naturally antimicrobial and thermoregulating to ensure comfort throughout your day. Designed by women, for women, a Chosenwoven set gives you soft and sexy silhouettes, without the toxic microplastics.

The lacy underwear: Fruity Booty

Fruity Booty are transparent in their approach. In their own words: ‘We feel it is impossible to call ourselves fully sustainable because we are a brand that creates new products. However, as vintage or second-hand underwear isn’t for everyone, it is our goal to be the next best alternative.

Over 80% of Fruity Booty products are made from surplus fabrics and materials, which would otherwise have gone to landfill, sourced from suppliers in the UK. Staying close to home is a key theme for Fruity Booty which is why over half their products are produced in a small factory in East London, and the rest are produced in a specialised factory in Porto, Portugal. But they don’t just do underwear, as we wave goodbye to winter, browse their Swim and Apparel collections.


For your basics: Organic Basics

For all your basic needs head to Scandi brand Organic Basics. Organic Basics take pride in offering soft separates crafted from natural fibers and recycled fabrics. It's a blend of comfort and conscience, ensuring that your most delicate pieces leave a lighter footprint on the planet. On the design front, Organic Basics consistently delivers minimalist styles available in a diverse range of shapes and finishes.

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