The Sustainable Fashion Influencers To Follow Now

The Sustainable Fashion Influencers To Follow Now

As we wake up to the reality of our wardrobes, a new wave of fashion influencers are showing us the way forward. From nifty thrifters to slow fashion advocates, these trendsetters are curating an elegant yet sustainable aesthetic that's taking Instagram by storm. These are the ones you need on your feed to be sustainably influenced. 

Brittany Bathgate (@brittanybathgate)

The former fashion editor's sleek, minimalist grid is a shoppable trove of conscious clothing from emerging sustainable labels. Brittany is the modern woman's go-to for elevated basics and tailoring that tread lightly on the planet.

Brett Staniland (@brettstan)

One-half of the @fiberandform duo, Brett advocates for slow fashion principles like investing in quality pieces and supporting artisans.

Sophie Benson (@sophiebenson)

Sophie Benson is the epitome of sustainable style influence. The freelance journalist and author of "Sustainable Wardrobe" advocates for conscious consumption through her writing for publications like Vogue and Dazed, championing fair labor practices, circularity, and ethical fashion innovation. With an eye for upcycling thrifted gems, Benson leads by example, crafting one-of-a-kind pieces that breathe new life into existing materials—her colorful, creativity-fueled wardrobe is a masterclass in mindful yet undeniably chic dressing.

Besma Whayeb (@besmacc)

Besma (@besmacc) is a sustainable fashion influencer curating an elegant, conscious aesthetic. Through her blog Curiously Conscious and Instagram, the tastemaker shares her journey towards kinder living - from cruelty-free beauty to low-impact lifestyle tips. Besma's refined yet relatable lens on ethical style is inspiring a new generation to embrace sustainable fashion with sophistication. This sustainable fashion influencer has an eye for minimalist looks with clean lines and textural details, favoring ethical brands like Meadows and The Nude Ethics. 

Sophia Lorimer (@finetunedwardrobe)

Sophia Lormier, the creative force behind @finetunedwardrobe, is a sustainable style maven leading the charge for conscious closets. Her impeccably curated Instagram grid showcases an artful blend of vintage treasures and ethical labels, inspiring followers to invest in timeless pieces with a lower environmental footprint. Lormier's refined aesthetic and knack for elevating secondhand gems have earned her a devoted following of fashion insiders seeking a more mindful approach to dressing luxuriously.

Renée Joy (@aconsciouswardrobe_)

Join Renée as she documents the journey towards a more mindful closet, offering tips on minimalism, capsule wardrobes, and conscious consumption. She recently did a four-month long wardrobe freeze in which she didn't buy a single new item. 

"Buy less. Choose well. Make it last."

Vivienne Westwood

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